Officially Licensed Macquettes of

Ralph E. Hayes, Jr. characters


Now’s your chance to have your favorite characters from Tales of the Questor, Nip And Tuck and Goblin Hollow in 3-D! Each piece is hand-sculpted from polymer clay, and comes with a letter of authenticity. Figures vary in size from 5 - 8 inches.

Just click on Quentyn or below to commission your Ralph E. Hayes Jr. Macquette from 'N'Toonz!

$45 plus shipping*
Payment via Paypal

*(Prices varies according to detail. Priority Mail - insurance extra. Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery)


Licensed maquettes from Goblin Hollow, Nip and Tuck and Tales of the Questor!

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All characters the copyrighted property of Ralph E. Hayes Jr. ©2005

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